Father-Son Team Get New Gadget into Stores

CHILLICOTHE, Ill. Oct. 1, 2014 -- It looked like a scene from the television show "Shark Tank". A father-son team stand in front of a colorful product backdrop using a prop to demonstrate their "revolutionary new device". They claim it will unclog a bathroom drain instantly. An observer watches intently as the junior member of the inventor team runs the demo. He pushes the device down a crooked pipe until it meets up with a wad of hair at the other end. As he spins the handle, the hair seems to almost miraculously crawl onto the end of the gadget. The onlooker squints and leans forward with a "how the heck did that just happen" look on his face.

The event was a major trade show in Chicago Illinois and the spectators aren't millionaire "sharks". They are thousands of retail buyers walking the show aisles looking for the next great product that will draw customers into their stores. The guy running the demo is Steve Turner, an inventor from central Illinois who, along with his father Scott, have patented a simple-looking little device that Steve says will be a "great timesaver" for people with clogged bathroom drains. They call the new product the Drain Weasel and the name of their family company is FlexiSnake.

The problem that this entrepreneurial duo are attempting to fix rings a bell immediately. You are taking your morning shower and before you get done, you are standing ankle deep in soapy, dirty water because the drain is flowing slowly. After the shower, you go to brush your teeth and realize that the water in the sink bowl is beginning to back up too.

"What's usually at the root of these types of bathroom clogs is hair" according to the dad, Scott "and drain chemicals have a tough time with these types of upper-drain clogs. What we did that no one else has done, was to patent a cranking tool that uses common fabric fastener material to twist into that hair clog and just pull it out. The drain will usually flow freely immediately. That's a major improvement for folks using dangerous chemicals, waiting 30-60 minutes and still not getting 100% relief. Think about how Velcro brand fasteners on clothing always come out of the dryer stuck to something else. That's the principle at work with the Drain Weasel. If there is hair in the upper part of the drain it will grab it."

What this tool looks like is a crank handle with a long, skinny plastic shaft that has the fabric fastener stuck on the business end. Steve says that unlike other drain snake tools, the Drain Weasel uses tiny fabric "micro-hooks" which allow it to be very slender for getting in and out of drains without taking anything apart. "And if you don't want to touch any of the hair-clog mess, one of the neatest features is that the 18 inch wands are removable up at the handle. With just a click, you can remove the wand and just toss it into the garbage right along with the drain mess. We make refill wands that cost less than using leading chemicals" he says. "It's also an 'everybody' type of tool because it's easy to use. We have single females and seniors using our tools and they don't have to rely on others."

So did the Turners get any bites from the thousands of buyer "sharks" that were cruising the aisles of the trade show? "The product is going into Lowe's, Home Depot and True Value" Steve says. "So, the fishing has been pretty good."

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