What's in Your Drain?

CHILLICOTHE, Ill. Oct. 14, 2014 -- Is it a rat? Maybe it's Sasquatch. On the other hand, it doesn't even look earthly.

These are some of the actual reviewer comments describing what people pulled out of their drains using a new drain-cleaning gadget that just hit Kmart stores nationwide.

It's called the "Drain Weasel" and just like it's rodent namesake, it actually goes into the drain and drags the clog out into broad daylight where customers are shocked at what's been lurking in their bathroom drains and causing the water to back up.

The company that came up with this new patented gizmo is called FlexiSnake, and according to one of the inventors, Steve Turner, the Drain Weasel specializes in grabbing hair, which is the number one component of these loathsome creature-looking clogs.

"Our customer feedback shows that a large percentage of folks are pouring chemicals down their bathroom drains but saying their drains still run slow" Turner says. "We came up with an easy to use tool that snags that hair on contact and their drains run freely instantly. We're getting reviews with comments like 'Oh horror', 'I'm shocked' and 'WOW' because these people are now seeing what was actually causing the problem. It's funny to read them, but it's also rewarding because we are helping people fix something that has obviously been frustrating them for a long time."

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