First of all, you'll see that all 3 of our product styles utilize the patented "micro-hook" technology and consequently any of the 3 will remove hair clogs from bathroom sinks, tubs and showers. Often it is simply past user experiences or personal preferences that drive the choice. Below are the distinctives of each product to help first-time users make a choice:

The Drain Weasel (Our Best Seller!)
Drain Weasel and Refill Drain Weasel Spin Pull Toss

  • Wand length - 18"
  • Wand diameter - 1/8"
  • Snap-up / Snap-down Spinning Sleeve for locking-in removable wands. Two wands come with the Starter Kit.
  • Reusable "Quick-Connect" handle
  • 3-Pack Refill wands sold separately
  • Drain cleaning re-engineered!
    The new Drain Weasel with Refills is our top-of-the-line, "easiest to use" hair-clog tool. It is quite possibly the most effective and user-friendly DIY tool in its category. The Drain Weasel has a substantial "cranking" handle to give that all-important spinning motion that locks the wand micro-hooks into a hair clog. In addition, it addresses a consumer concern over the cleanliness of the drain cleaning operation. Our patented "quick-connect" technology and 18" refill wands separate the consumer's hands from the messy drain clog, resulting in "Clean Hands-Clean Drain".
    Finally, the disposable refill wands make the Drain Weasel less expensive to use than the popular caustic chemicals. The super-thin, super-flexible wands snake right past drain stoppers that stop other tools (without drain disassembly) and then "weasel" their way around tight pipe bends to get at the clog (click to watch demo videos ).
    The wands are also durable and reusable if you prefer to clean and reuse them. Use a stiff brush and soap or disinfectant to clean them. They're meant to hold tight to hair so patience may be required to disengage the wrapped hair before cleaning the wand.

    • Resilient, all molded-plastic shaft, navigates and spins through pipe bends better than other tools
    • Patented micro-hooks won't hang-up on drain apparatus like non-resilient hooks and barbs - easier insertion and removal
    • Like FlexiSnake Jr, 1/8" shaft can navigate most all drain stoppers and grates
    • More substantial handle for all-important rotation of micro-hooks into hair clogs
    • Quick-Connect spinning sleeve makes for easy attachment/removal of hair-snagging wands
    • Easiest to use tool, for dad, mom and even grandma


    The Drain Millipede

    Drain Millipede  Drain Millipede NS
    • Length - 18"
    • Shaft diameter - 3/16"
    • Micro-hooks extend up the entire length of the snake.
    • With or without mini spinning sleeve to accomodate the important hair-snagging rotation motion for "winding" drain hair into the patented micro-hooks.
    • Durable steel core makes it stiffer for pushing into drain

    The Drain Millipede, with it's thousands of micro-hooks is a rugged hair-clog tool. It features a simple, "easy-spin" sleeve (some models) for a more user-friendly feel, and expands the patented hair-snagging "micro-hooks" up the entire 18" shaft of this coilable tool. The spinning action will snag drain hair wherever it is encountered, from the top of the Millipede to the bottom.

    • Stiffer than Drain Weasel or FlexiSnake Jr
    • Thicker shaft than Drain Weasel or FlexiSnake Jr
    • Coils into pocket size for storage
    • Micro-hooks cover the entire shaft


    The Drain Millipede MAX

    Drain Millipede MAX

    The Drain Millipede Max is a new addition to the FlexiSnake family of instant hair clog removal tools. The "MAX" combines Drain Weasel's patented spinning handle with the Drain Millipede's complete covering of micro-hooks up the entire shaft. Like the Drain Weasel, the MAX has wands that can be easily snapped in or out of the handle, making quick work of hair-clogged bathroom drains. Since the MAX wands are covered in thousands of micro-hooks, the wand diameter is larger than the Drain Weasel wands.

    • Wand length - 20"
    • Substantial handle for that all-important rotation motion for entangling and HOLDING the core of the clog - HAIR!
    • Wands have a steel core like the Drain Millipede which allows the wands to be coiled up for storage
    • 3/16" diameter wands - like the Drain Millipede
    • Just uncoil, insert and spin, remove clog


    The FlexiSnake Jr

    FlexiSnake Jr

    The FlexiSnake Jr is one of the market-proven, original versions of the hook & loop hair-clog tool. The Jr is about 25" long,
    and is reusable while also being priced to be disposable just like the chemical options that it replaces for hair-clogs.
    Disposability also avoids the consumer inconvenience of clean-up.

    • Most compact - coils into shirt-pocket size
    • Steel core gives it moderate stiffness compared to Drain Millipede
    • 1/8" diameter-like Drain Weasel one of the slimmest tools on the market for accessing most all types drains without drain disassembly
    • Just uncoil, insert and spin, remove clog